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Coral Resort, Kai Bae beach

Coral Resort Kai Bae beach

Coral Resort, Kai Bae beach

Coral Resort Kai Bae beach

Coral Resort occupies a superb location in the centre of Kai Bae beach.   It’s a quiet spot with some of the best views you’ll find.   The resort itself isn’t that attractive though, but the views are excellent.

The rooms are of a similar functional nature.   They do the job, providing a clean, comfortable air-conditioned room to sleep with good sea views from most rooms.   But nothing that will excite you.   Put it this way, you won’t be rushing to show photos of your bathroom to friends and family as son as you return home.

The view from the pool area is a different matter.  this is one of the best on the island.  Great views north along the coast to Klong Prao beach and an ideal spot to watch the sunset over the nearby islands.

To get to the beach it is  only a couple of minutes walk  south, through the adjacent Nang Nual Resort to a long swathe of bungalow lined sand.

Shops, restaurants are all close by. Add Coral Resort to your shortlist if basic comforts, quiet location and convenient location are ahead of being right on the beach in your list of priorities. A good ‘Plan B’ resort if your first choice is full.

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IamKohChang.com Reader Review
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By Shaz S., Australia

I’ve been traveling for more than 20 years to Thailand. But it was my first time to Koh Chang. I was with my kids and my husband last year and stayed at Coral Resort. The location was amazing.

One thing that my family and I really love about Thailand and other Asian countries is the warmth and hospitality they give to their international tourists, like us. We stayed here for a few days as we really loved the ambiance of “feeling at home.” The staff did everything they could to really make our stay better one of the better ones we’ve had in this country.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a beach of their own. However, there are beaches near Coral Resort. We had a walk around the Kai Bae Beach area. We had a great time watching the sunsets with a cocktail or two.

Coral’s restaurant served delicious breakfast.

In our room, we had a bigger bed and an extra bed for our kids. By the way, after we booked online, we made a call to Coral Resort to confirm our reservation. We told them that we’d be staying with children. They told us that they could accommodate kids but they don’t have cribs for infants. I said it was all right since we don’t need them. My kids are already old enough to be hopping in the cribs. From that conversation alone, I knew that staying here would be a good thing for me, my husband and our kids. I wasn’t wrong.

We didn’t bring with us our laptops and computers so our kids really complained about it as we had access to free Wi-Fi in our own room. They didn’t have a choice but to use their smartphones. The connection from our room was quite good.

Our beds weren’t as soft as we had at home. But it was okay. My kids didn’t complain about them. However, it would be really nice if they’d put a kettle in our room. This is pretty normal in Thailand but not in here.

The resort wasn’t really exotic as I had thought. But the surrounding was just perfect. Our room had basic amenities with highly functional bathroom. We also had our own air-conditioning system. But the system wasn’t too strong to give us a cold environment, considering the warm weather of Thailand. We requested for a coffee maker in our room as my hubby is a heavy coffee drinker. Unfortunately, they don’t have an extra machine that they could lend us. Too bad.

I’ve read things about the resort’s disappointing rooms as they were only provided with curtains. But, in my humble opinion, Coral Resort isn’t like a 5-star hotel in New York. This isn’t Hilton or Casablanca. So, expecting 5-star-like amenities would surely disappoint you. The most important thing for us is that the room was clean. The walls may have some stains on them but they weren’t too obvious.

Their pool was lovely. Great place for us to chill and the kids to play. Probably the highlight of the resort.

The staff at the bar wasn’t great in communicating in English but that was okay. At least, they understood a little of our language. Unfortunately, the restaurant had to close at 7 pm. Thus, we needed to go out to obtain meals or drinks. We didn’t know it at first but the staff reminded us of this. One of them even offered to buy food for us so it wouldn’t be a hassle for us to go out. But we declined since we also wanted to explore the area while buying food.

But they do have a café area, which was nice and open. I loved having coffee in that kind of ambience. Our breakfast was good. We stayed here during the high season so our breakfast choices were aplenty. My kids enjoyed them so much. But their yummy croissants were only served for one day.

While waiting for the sun to go down, my husband had Chang beers for a good price. No rip offs at the bar. But what we really liked it here is that the place wasn’t too crowded. Only a few diners came here to dine and enjoy the surroundings.

Since the resort is near the other beautiful beaches of Koh Chang, we took a taxi down to Lonely Beach and north to Klong Prao beach. Back in the resort, we experienced a very quiet atmosphere.

Their staff was awesome. They give us some pieces of information on how to optimize our stay in Koh Chang. Overall, we had a lovely stay here.

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