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Cliff Beach Resort, Kai Bae beach

Cliff Beach Resort, Koh Chang

Cliff Beach Resort, Kai Bae

Cliff Beach Resort is the northernmost resort on Kai Bae beach and occupies a great location, with some stunning views to be had from the clifftop infinity pool.

If you are going to stay here go for the newest rooms, ‘Cliff View’ which are by far the best.   Others have better views or are more suited for families but are pretty old and fading quickly.   But note the word ‘Cliff’, this indicates that you will be trudging up several flights of steep steps in order to get between your room and the beach.   You need to take care if you have been out of a few beers.

And if you want to splash out then the Sea View Villas are well worth considering – spacious, bright & airy and with amazing views.

Nearer the beach are the family rooms which are in a garden area with a natural lotus filled lagoon.   A small children’s pool is also here, close to the beach restaurant.

The beach is good and there are plenty of shops and restaurants within easy walking distance.   Only downside is the price, you could do better for the same amount, and despite claims – you couldn’t really call it a 4 star overall.   So, Cliff Beach Resort is a good back-up resort if your first choice is full.

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By Angie, New Zealand

While I was planning a trip to Koh Chang island, I wanted to just camp out and rent a private bungalow, as long as it’s less than 15-minute walk from various beach resorts. But my friends said that renting bungalows in Thailand would mean I have to endure shared and outdoor shower and squat toilets. I didn’t want that.

So, a change of plan and I searched for the best hotels in Koh Chang. I wanted to be just near the water with free breakfast. I didn’t want an expensive hotel. I wanted it to be a luxurious place where I can rest after a visit to Klong Plu waterfall or night out in Lonely Beach.

One of the things that really attracted me to Koh Chang Cliff Beach is its uninterrupted views. That’s why I chose to book in this hotel as my base to explore Kai Bae. I booked a Cliff view standard to let me enjoy panoramas of the ocean from my own bedroom or private veranda. I especially liked the time when I had to see the beautiful sunsets from my private balcony.

I have read quite a lot of negative things about this hotel, especially how hard their beds are. To be quite honest, they really don’t have soft bed. I, too, experienced that. But I couldn’t complain since I had the best view of the ocean, which was more important. I could say that the overall location of this hotel is excellent. It combines the cliff and beach together. What more can you ask for?

Since I booked a room for one or two, it had no sofa. There were only chair and small desk. If you wanted a sofa in your own room, then book for a more expensive room. I didn’t need a sofa so I wasn’t too bothered of it. The most important part here is that I had balcony that overlooks the beach allowing me to fully enjoy the sunset while sipping Thai iced tea.

You should also be aware that when you book online, you might not get the same room as exactly as you have booked. The reason for this is that each room type is of different style. When I arrived there, I heard guests complaining of the room they have booked, which was completely different from what was described online. Good thing was that the hotel’s receptionist sorted things out to meet the guests’ satisfaction.

The room was nicely decorated. Since I booked for a standard room, there wasn’t too much space to invite people here. Then again, I wasn’t expecting anyone to visit me.

The hotel offers a private beach, which I really loved. The amazing cliff top pool was a great place to chill. I tried their private massage, which was okay but not excellent. But the room offers a relaxing sound from the sea allowing me to drift off for a few minutes.

I had free Internet in my room but it was too slow. I had to go out to get a better signal. Their television was modern but not much choice of Western channels. My room had the usual equipment, mini-bar and instant coffee etc but I went to the hotel coffeeshop for my morning caffeine fix.

At that time I stayed, there was an event being held at a nearby hotel. The music was too loud. But I still managed to sleep despite the loud sound. After that night, the noise was gone leaving me with a nice, quiet place to stay for a few days.

The food was normal. I had a free breakfast but there was not much variety. However, the food changes every day. I would say that the food service was A-okay not great. But, hey, it’s not a 5-star hotel. Thus, don’t expect the hotel to serve you gourmet meals. Although it wasn’t well-presented, it was tasty and filling.

The staff of Cliff Beach Resort were friendly and helpful. They speak decent English. You could ask them about their local knowledge of the area to help you out in exploring the island. That was a good thing because I didn’t want to pay for someone to help me out with my exploration of the place. I must say that most of them were friendly & approachable. They also gave me some tips and tricks on how to tour Thailand for cheap which was great.

Overall, I would give it around 4 out of 5. I had a wonderful time staying here despite some shortcomings. It was a nice hotel for a few days and offered a relaxing and quiet atmosphere.

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