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Chang Park Resort, Kai Bae beach

Chang Park Resort

Chang Park Resort

Chang Park Resort

Chang Park Resort is the largest resort on Kai   Bae Beach.   It has extensive grounds with plenty of open space for kids to play.   It is also located on a very nice sandy beach. And has one of the cheapest beach bars on the island.

Immediately outside on the main road you’ll find a 7-eleven, exchange office, ATMs, and lots of small shops, bars and restaurants.  Everything you need is within easy walking distance.

So far, so good.

But it’s let down by the rooms, this is a run down 3 star that’s a bit tatty around the edges and with some very old bungalows which really need demolishing.   The hotel rooms and teak wood bungalows are OK but if you are considering the cheapest bungalows then better to look elsewhere.

The resort is also popular with Eastern European and Thai package tour groups. So unless you are from there, probably best to give it a miss during High Season.  However, if you’re on a budget and want a quiet Low Season hotel with a cheap bungalow then it’s worth considering. 

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IamKohChang.com Reader Review
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By Marina, St. Petersburg

What I love most about travelling to Thailand is its cheaper lifestyle. Even their hotels there are way cheaper than when you stay in hotels in Europe. Last year, my friends and I visited Kai Bae Beach. We stayed at Chang Park Resort. Our plan to stay here wasn’t really organized as we only made a reservation a couple of days prior to our travel and arrival. We didn’t communicate with them before arrival. We just made an online reservation and that was it.

My friends and I arrived there early morning, we travelled all night from Bangkok by bus and took the first ferry to the island. But the staff was genuinely welcoming, despite the time of our arrival. One thing I like about checking-in so early is that there are no queues. Although we needed to spend half an hour just to fill out the form, in a way, the overall check-in process was still efficient. We signed and provided our credit card details.

We stayed in a beach house, American Style.
Our room had Wi-Fi but not for free, unfortunately. The size of the house was great. It was spacious. The lady who showed us our room couldn’t speak English very well. So, when we asked her about the history of the resort she just said “It was good.”

We were so hungry at that time but the room didn’t have didn’t have free bottled water or a basket of fresh fruits. I was hoping I could eat free dragon fruit. Luckily I had some biscuits with me. The bathroom floor was a bit slippery. But it was big. It was quite dirty, though. It had a shower with electric water that’s separated and mounted on the wall.

Their toilet was western style but it usually wouldn’t flush. The windows had spaces that allowed ants and lizards to access our room. They did provide shampoo and soap. But that was it. No shower caps, razor or toothbrush. Good thing was that we brought ours.

They changed our towels every day, only when requested. The overall decoration of the house was a little old. But we had no problem with it as long as we were able to have a restful sleep throughout our stay here. Our beds weren’t that comfortable to lie down.

Anyway, our room was far away from the resort’s outdoor pool. But it didn’t matter. The pool was lovely and surrounded by the resort’s beautiful garden. However, we didn’t like their bar. It was uninspiring. Its liquor selection was very limited. They didn’t serve dirty martini, unfortunately.

But, on the plus side, we loved the views and it was great to stay right on the beach.

The resort is located away from the crowded part of the island. Thus, there was no noise that would disrupt our relaxation. We could hear the waves crashing and birds chirping.

Our breakfast was free but they didn’t take it to our room. Instead, we had to go to their restaurant and eat there. We had a buffet-style breakfast. There were plenty of food options to choose from. They served good food, from western food to Thai food items. I’d recommend you try their Thai options if you haven’t yet. They were outstanding.
Their coffee was bad. We asked for a brewed coffee but they gave us diluted one. It was too bland.

They have water sports on site but the rates are, well, unreasonable. Still, we had scuba diving and snorkeling trips. Their snorkeling area was one of the islands a 10-minute speedboat ride away from the resort.

We also had the chance to have day-tour sightseeing and, yes, a visit to elephant village. Trekking was available but we didn’t sign up.

Although they did offer these water sports activities, they weren’t included in our package. If you’re short on budget, ask for the rates first so you wouldn’t be shocked at how much you’re going to pay.

All in all, Chang Park Resort in Koh Chang was an average resort. It was comfortable to stay for a few days. Its rates are reasonable so don’t expect a 5-star treatment here.

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