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The Spa Koh Chang

The Spa Koh Chang

The Spa Koh Chang is the one real health spa on the island.   Guests don’t come here expecting to be out on the town every night or sunbathing on the beach, they come because they want to fast, detox, de-stress and generally chill out for a week or more.

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So unlike other out of the way resorts, most guests come here with the specific aim of being away from temptations such as seafood dinners and cocktails in buckets.   But at the same time enjoying a pampering and relaxing in lush surroundings.   This place is not buzzing with life, but you sense a calm and relaxing atmosphere focusing on health and well-being.  

Formal detox programs plus daily meditation, exercise and yoga classes are available.  In addition The Spa runs regular courses on how to live a far healthier life than you are doing currently.

Deluxe room at The Spa Koh Chang

The Spa Koh Chang is a franchise of the very successful Spa Samui, which was established back in 1992.  The same standard of acclaimed spa and health treatments plus the emphasis on healthy veggie and clean food is found here on Koh Chang too.

I often stop by the restaurant in high season as it makes a refreshing change from regular Thai food or stodgy western cooking.   To be honest I don’t rate the Thai food here too highly, but the veggie and healthy options are extremely nice.   Especially drinks such as a Cayenne Cooler – a chili, lemon juice and honey concoction.   And from the restaurant you get a cracking view over the pool area and mangrove lined bay and towards the mountains on the headland to the east.

Escape is possible, as the resort runs a shuttle service to White Sand beach and also down to the remote Long Beach and you can paddle canoes through the mangroves to Salakkok Bay where there is one seafood restaurant.   The roads nearby are also good for cycling, there is very little traffic and no big hills so   you can pedal down to Salakphet Bay and explore the area easily enough.

Good choice if you need to escape reality and switch off for a week,  or have a fondness for colonic irrigation.  High season room rates from around 2,000 Baht/night.

Entrance of the Spa Koh Chang

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