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Parama Koh Chang

Parama Koh Chang Resort

Parama Koh Chang is a welcome addition to the ranks of Koh Chang’s 4 star hotels.  It’s a boutique resort, with only 19 rooms and suites in the main resort.  However there are additional, cheaper rooms, at a nearby annex. 

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A unique aspect, and the main highlight, of Parama Koh Chang is the seawater aquarium which surrounds the resort, here you can watch, or snorkel with, turtles and variety of tropical fish right outside your room.

Deluxe room at Parama Koh Chang

The resort is located in Salakphet Bay in the quiet south-east of the island.  Whilst the resort itself isn’t on the beach, it does have a private island, a short (free) boat ride away where guests can relax on a pristine white sand beach with panoramic views of the bay.  

The obvious downside – for many potential guests – will be the remoteness.  There’s not much within walking distance other than a few small Thai style resorts; a minimart and couple of local restaurants.  And no beach at the resort itself, you have to take a boat.  But a good choice if you can ride a scooter, in order to get out and see the surrounding area. Or if you simply want a quiet spot, great views and very few tourists.

Note that the inexpensive standard rooms are located about 200 metres from the main resort.  In 2016, Parama took over a nearby resort, remodelled it and now use it as a cheaper option for guests.  

Standard room at Parama Koh Chang

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