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Kooncharaburi Resort Spa and Sailing Club

Room rates from 3,400 baht. Kooncharaburi Resort Spa and Sailing Club is a large resort in a very quiet, out of the way location.  Very few people seem to stay here unless they are on a package tour.  It’s miles from civilization.  And nothing in the way of ‘sailing’ either. But the suites are bright,spacious and maybe good for a honeymoon or a couple of days away from it all.

kooncharaburi resort koh changRoom rates from 3,400 baht

Kooncharaburi Resort Spa and Sailing   Club is not a place to stay if you expect to moor your yacht outside your room. There are kayaks for rent, but that’s it as far as the ‘sailing’ goes.

This is another beautiful large luxury resort with great views across a sheltered, mangrove lined bay.   Only problem is that it is miles from anywhere.   A couple of kilometres to the main road and then a couple more to get to the nearest shop of any kind.   So it is very much a package tour destination, mainly for Thais, Asians and Russians. But it often appears totally deserted – even in high season, the owner obviously had a lot of money lying around he had to do something with.   As making a profit doesn’t seem to be a priority.

If you want to experience the peace and quiet of the east coast and use the resort as a luxury base then it’s worth considering providing you rent a car or motorbike but for most visitors it’s just too off the beaten track.   There is no public transport in this area of the island.

On the plus side the bungalows are bright, huge and with amenities as good as in any of the better west coast resorts.

(The outdated, low resolution Google satellite image doesn’t show the resort, but I have marked the location)

Room Rates for 2011-12: From around 3,400 Baht High Season


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