YuYu Golden Beach

YuYu Golden Beach, Koh Chang

YuYu Golden Beach has become one of the most popular budget beach bungalow resorts on Koh Chang. No frills, just the basics.  But excellent value for sun-worshipers.

137 reviews
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YuYu Golden Beach is one of the first places visitors come to when they walk over the footbridge from the main road to Klong Kloi beach.  It comprises of fan and air-conditioned bungalows and a large beachfront restaurant.

Air-conditioned bungalows at YuYu Golden beach, Koh Chang

The restaurant is one of the best on the beach. In the evening you’ll see it packed with diners and during the day the sunloungers outside are a popular spot to relax and enjoy a cold drink.  Accommodation at YuYu Golden beach is in fan and air-conditioned bungalows.

The Fan rooms are cheap, just a few hundred Baht / night but are rather dingy and showing their age. However, the bright green, AC bungalows are compact and a far better option for around 1,500 Baht/night.  Some are located just behind the restaurant and other at the rear of the property, facing onto the lagoon behind the beach.  Those by the restaurant are quite noisy but are fine if you aren’t planning on sleeping early and are just here to sunbathe and socialise.

The larger bungalows by the lagoon have a shady balcony by the water with views of the inland mountains.  A nice spot to escape the sun and chill out for a while.  All bungalows have the basics, including a hot shower and cable TV.  But that’s about it.  There’s no exotic artwork or attention to detail.  Just whitewashed walls and basic furniture.

YuYu Golden beach is recommended for folks who enjoy the simpler things in life.  Aircon at night, good food, new friends to have a beer with and lazing by the beach.  And who don’t see the need to pay a lot of money to get them. 

View from the air-conditioned bungalows YuYu Golden Beach

Very pleasant place to spend some quiet and restful time close to the beach but apart from the crowd. 😀 - The manager and the staff very kind, polite and helpful. 😞 - Location (beachfront)
Very bad price quality ratio 😀 - Perfect location! Right on the best beach of Koh Chang (and that is after checking the other beaches) 😞 - Terrible overpriced food and drinks. I guess the most expensive on this stretch of beach (so with that of the island). Especially the owner was not hospitable and the personel spoke poor English. The place was a dump with a lot of trash around and an unkempt garden. The bed was poor but good enough for a couple of nights.
Everything was good. So no complaints 😀 - Close to the beach and friendly staff 😞 - Everything was more than oke
Very good 😀 - Lovely location, staff and everything you ask for will be solved by them.
Pleasant 😀 - The beach was the best in Koh Chiang 😞 - The rooms were bare
One of the best places I have stayed in Thailand 😀 - Yuyu Goldenbeach was just the best! the room felt extremely luxurious for such a low price, with views of the lake, and the gorgeous, clean, almost empty beach less than 20metres from my front door. The entire place is extremely well kept and the restaurant and bar had amazing food and great coffee. The staff were all wonderfully helpful and the owner Yuyu was so friendly and accommodating. I cannot wait to stay here again!
😞 - It was all fantastic! The only thing I would say is, in order to get around you do need to rent a motorbike as the island taxis don't run as often during low season, so it can be slightly more difficult to get around. Personally I loved that though

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