Tropical Beach Resort

Tropical Beach Resort is a mid-price bungalow resort at the far eastern end of Klong Kloi beach.  It’s a quiet spot with awesome views to the islands south of Koh Chang. 

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Accommodation at Tropical Beach Resort is in circular, concrete bungalows with thatched roofs.  There are 26 bungalows in total.  These are all the same type.  But only five are by the beach. They are set among mature jungle trees and blend in well. However, as the trees also block out the sea breeze and sunlight, the resort can be a little dark and humid.

Tropical Beach Resort, Klong Kloi beach, Koh Chang

The location is quiet, but the nearest restaurants and shops are 5 to 10 minutes away on the busier stretch of Klong Kloi beach.  Behind the beach restaurants are a few small minimarts.  The resort shares the same owners as the nearby Chivapuri Beach Resort, which is a much higher standard.  Tropical Beach often appears to have been overlooked as, with a bit of maintenance and some refurbishment, it could be a stand out 2 star resort.

If you do want to venture out then getting to the main beaches is a bit of a hassle and can be expensive, as taxi drivers wont come down to the resort.  Road access is along a dirt and sand track. So you have to walk to the main road at the opposite end of the beach or ask the resort staff to take you.  

Recommended for some peace and quiet and a lovely beach, but not if you are afraid of bugs, monkey or other wildlife that you may encounter here. 

unwind relax and enjoy 😀 - peaceful, great accommodation , fantastic customer service, excellent brekky 😞 - pathway to accommodation hard to find.
I booked this trip of a lifetime having lost my mothers and there was nothing in the tropical resort 😀 - This resort had no facilities no friendly bar area to meet other people ..the staff couldn’t help with simple enquires or about transport to leave . There was no focus point to be there . Booking. Com talked about being well serviced by shops and restaurants .. none there was no road to even leave no help . I didn’t speak to anyone there the whole time . I needed to stay one extra night a a single person and they couldn’t offer me a deal for night 8 ?? Total disappointed and underwhelmed by this set up!! 😞 - It would have been a bit sociable if there was a Bar area selling nice coffee Smoothies or fresh juices healthy snacks a book recycle place information about the island? Anything Instead a smart TV in the room the I didn’t need luckily cos it didn’t work .. the rooms were dated with gaps for mosquitoes to get in . Awful frondoirs with padlocks ?
Koh Chang in general is pretty much a poor version of Ko Samui which I didn’t think much of as well. 😀 - Tranquil and secenic. 😞 - To many rocks scattered along beach short distance from shore, made it tricky to enjoy yourself in the water, dusty dirt track to resort and beware don’t park under the shady trees I got sap spread over my car.
Exceptional 😀 - The huts were awesome and I loved that we were right on the beach. The staff was really friendly and helpful, and It was in a very quiet area since it's at the end of the beach, but you can still walk to some beach bars and restaurants easily. If you're looking for a beautiful, relaxing stay, this is your spot!
Quiet, jungle in front of beach! 😀 - This was where I chosen to spend my bday and I absolutely was showered by love. Thank you to all the beautiful staff that showed at my door with cake and a soundstystem that made my experience absolutely unforgettable! All the cakes and the singing! 🙏🏼 Lovely. Thank you Cholly you are super super sweet!
It is a very beautiful place 😀 - Bungalow, the sea, the staff , the care of the Nature 😞 - It would-be be Nice if there were a little bit more guests

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