Nirvana Resort

Nirvana Resort, Bangbao, Koh Chang

Located on a peninsula in Bangbao, Nirvana is a true boutique hideaway.   Not a resort for anyone primarily interested in a beach vacation, but if you are looking to escape the crowds, get away from large concrete resorts and surround yourself by nature then Nirvana is worth considering.

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The 15 rooms are spacious and furnished in a modern Balinese style, the chunky wooden beds are very impressive.   Around the resort you’ll find two jungle walkways heading off up the hillside.   You’ll see monkeys around here and one trail ends at a hilltop swimming pool.

Room at Nirvana Resort, Bangbao

There is another, more easily accessible pool overlooking the bay.   At the rear of the resort, on the west coast of the peninsula a wooden walkway leads along the cliff to secluded private sundecks overlooking the open sea.( Although at the time of writing – mid 2020 – this walkway had been closed, as it needs rebuilding)

This isn’t a kids resort – they would probably be bored to tears here with lack of good beach and lack of shops nearby.   But is ideal for couples looking to get away, chill out and unwind.   But there is a great beach on the opposite side of the bay – hop in your kayak and paddle over.

It’s a 15 -20 minute walk to Bangbao village so if eating in the resort doesn’t take your fancy you’ll probably find yourself at the nearby Cliff Cottages which has an excellent, far cheaper restaurant by the sea.  And if you prefer a newer resort in the same area, check out Resolution Resort or Bhuvarin Resort which are a few hundred metres further along the peninsula.

Restaurant at Nirvana Resort, Bangbao

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