Chivapuri Beach Resort

Chivapuri Beach Resort, Klong Kloi beach

Chivapuri Beach Resort is the only luxury option on Klong Kloi beach, one of the most scenic beaches on Koh Chang. Klong Kloi beach is located on the southern coast of Koh Chang.  From the beach there are excellent views south to the outlying islands.  On a clear day you can see as far as Koh Kood.  

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With only 30 rooms, located in spacious houses over-looking the gardens, guests are guaranteed personal attention by the well trained staff.  Decor is the type of chunky dark wooden furniture, silk hangings and wooden floors favoured by many ‘natural feel’ 4 star resorts in Thailand.  

Family villa at Chivapuri Beach Resort

The beach has several restaurants and bars on it and is popular with daytrippers coming from other areas of Koh Chang to chill and enjoy the views.   However, it quietens down at night and guests will enjoy hanging out at the laid back beach bars.  Chivapuri Beach Resort has their own laid back beach bar ‘Cocochacha’ ,with daily Happy Hour specials and light meals.

In the past few years there’s been quite a lot of development on the beach and in the area behind it.  So you’ll now find quite a few small shops and minimarts.  So there’s no longer a need to go to Bangbao village, 30 minutes walk away to buy supplies.

If you do want to venture out then getting to the other main beaches is a bit of a hassle and you have the steep winding road to navigate from Bangbao to Kai Bae.  Bear that in mind if you plan on renting a scooter to get around.

Beachfront Pool at Chivapuri Beach Resort

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