Bhuvarin Resort

Bhuvarin Resort, Bangbao, Koh Chang

Bhuvarin Resort in Bangbao is a boutique property by the shores of Bangbao Bay.  The rooms are built on the hillside that slopes, quite steeply in places, down to the sea.  Down at sea level there is a beachfront restaurant and bar area.

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However, the highlight is the view across Bangbao bay to Klong Kloi beach and the mountains on the opposite side.  The hillside pool has some of the best views on the island and is a great place to have lunch and a swim – even if you aren’t staying at the resort.

Room at Bhuvarin resort

Kayaks are freely available for guests use and the resort will also take people over the either Bangbao village or the beach on the opposite side of the bay for free.

The young Thai couple who own & manage the resort are also well regarded by guests who praise their service minded attitude and friendliness.  If you want to be more than just a room number and actually get to know the owners and staff of the place you are staying then you’d like Bhuvarin.

As with the other resorts in this area, it is a very quiet location and if you a good spot to get away from the package tourists who descend on the island’s main beaches during High Season.  The main downside is that it’s a long way to walk to a beach or the village.  However the resort does provide a free shuttle service to the beach nearby and can also pick guests up when they arrive on the island.

Room at Bhuvarin resort

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