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Koh Chang Sea Huts

Room rates from 2.300 Baht High Season. Koh Chang Sea Huts offer something a bit different and are reminiscent of the type of accommodation found in the Maldives.  Spacious well appointed wooden bungalows built over the sea at the end of Bangbao pier.   (Not a place you’d want to swim)

seahutRoom rates from 2,300 Baht

* Note that many of the bungalows were removed in early 2011 as they were illegally built, however several remain and are still open. *

Koh Chang Sea Huts are reminiscent of the type of accommodation found in the Maldives.   Spacious well appointed wooden bungalows built over the sea.   But there the similarity ends, as the tourist trap of Bangbao village and rather murky sea mean that this isn’t a spot to get away from it all and leap off your balcony into crystal clear waters before breakfast.

The bungalows themselves are very nice with dark wood interiors and a natural uncluttered feel.   If you enjoy your seafood you’ll be happy here and you could easily fish off your balcony too.

You’ll also enjoy plenty of people watching as the   nearby pier is the departure point for most dive and snorkelling trips plus fishing boats and yachts regularly moor in the bay.   The nearest beach is on the opposite side of the bay, however there is a free boat service to it from the Sea huts – which is a nice touch that saves guests 40 minutes walk.

Good for a couple of nights as it’s definitely something different from the normal beach bungalow, but probably not for a week or two’s holiday.

Room Rates for 2011-12: From 2,300 Baht High Season


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  • Ian,
    that’s right – I suppose they didn’t have all the necessary permits or not for all the bungalows they’ve built. I was just curious, since I’m thinking of building stilt bungalows for a resort project myself…
    Sorry for being offtopic anyway.

  • Our house is built on stilts in Klong Prao and it isn’t illegal. Likewise the others in Klong prao are all legal. Most houses in Bangbao are legal. But you cant build a lot of bungalows where now previously existed. Which is the problem the Seat Huts had. They built about 12 bungalows where non-existed previously.
    The rivers belong to the country – they don’t have a single owner. Water around koh Chang is under the jurisdiction of the Marine National Park

  • Are stilt-bungalows illegal in Thailand or just in that area? I saw stilt-houses in the Khlong Prao area on the river and elsewhere in Thailand. So why is it illegal? Who owns the rivers anyway?

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