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Aunchaleena Beachfront Resort, Bangbao

Aunchaleena Beachfront Resort

Aunchaleena Resort

Aunchaleena Beachfront Resort

is the largest resort on the island, occupying well over   60 Hectares of land on the south coast of Koh Chang.   But unless you are Thai and on a 3 day / 2 night company outing from Bangkok or a Russian package tourist, it is highly unlikely you will end up staying here.

That isn’t to say it isn’t on a great beach with superb views – it is.   Or that it doesn’t offer a huge range of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets – it does.   But it’s just a really bizarre place with a half finished appearance for the most part.

But another plus is the pricing, room rates are much lower now than they have been in the past and at 1,500 Baht/night for a floating Boat Chalet room in High Season it might be worth a night just for the weird experience.

But as it is 3km from the nearest village – Bangbao – and there is no public transport along the road leading to the resort, it is destined to be a resort only suited to those who don’t want to leave it’s confines for the duration of their stay.

It’s also a bit odd.   If you don’t stay there, and you won’t, it is still worth going to take a look at the resort. Pay 100 Baht entry and you get a free bike to ride around plus free snack and soft drink or beer.   Take a look around the ghost ship , shown in the picture above, the interior is straight out of the set of an early 80s slasher movie.

The resort was created by trashing the most beautiful lagoon on the island and made the front pages of the national newspapers in late 2003 as the National Park authorities declared the entire resort illegal. Of course, paperwork was soon put in order and problems disappeared and the resort was allowed to remain open.

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