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Yachting. See also ‘Sailing’ What better way to explore the Koh Chang archipelago than by sailing boat?   This isn’t an option for your average budget traveller though as weekend trips start at about 7,000 baht/head but it is a unique way to see the islands.   Gulf charters or Sunsail both in Baan Rong Thian on Salakphet Bay can get you sorted.

Gulf Charters have recently relocated their entire fleet to Salakphet and Sunsail started operating out of Koh Chang in 2007.   Charters and sailing classes are available through Gulf Charters, everything from learning the ropes to skippering your own yacht. So, although it’s still very early days for sailing in this area, the future’s looking rosy for anyone wanting to get involved in yachting in the south-east of Koh Chang.

Meet up with fellow yachties at Island View Pier & Guesthouse in Salakphet.   Deiter, the German owner, first sailed around the area in his own yacht around 20 years ago.   Good place to stay if you want to do some sailing or sea canoeing and a good place to call in if you’re on your own boat and need a mooring.

On the west coast of Koh Chang, SEA Adventures operate daytrips for 1,300 baht/head aboard their 13 metre catamaran.   Look for the advertising boards all over the island if you want   a ticket.   Private charters are also available.   A lot of people have mentioned that Sea Adventures is well worth it, although you don;t go very far – just meander up and down the west coast of Koh Chang . Expect lots of tacking if the wind picks up.     You won’t get as much time snorkelling as if you were on a speedboat and you wont get as   far south as you would on a yacht charter from Salakphet, but but they look after you well on board.   Good if you want to enjoy life in the slow lane whilst on holiday.

Yellow Oil. This area of Thailand is famed for producing yellow oil, a herbal cure all that has been proven to be an effective treatment against everything from insect bites to AIDS, cervical cancer and Bird Flu. This stuff is like hard core Tiger Balm.

The most popular brand is ‘Mae Ang-Ki’s’, but many of the massage women on Koh Chang sell a locally produced ‘no-name’ brand which smells like it should do you some good.   Whether it does or not, I have no idea as I don’t have a caged chimp or rabbit to do a spot of DIY animal testing on. But if it is carcinogenic I wouldn’t worry too much as the effects are unlikely to kick in for another 20-30 years or so after first application.

Yellow Pages. There isn’t a specific Koh Chang Yellow Pages full of useful numbers in print.   but most free maps & guides of the island have   numbers of varying degrees of usefulness listed.

Yoga. At the start of every high season signs for various classes in trendy types of exercise spring up.   But one place that’s well-established and worth a look is Baan Zen, Klong Prao. The home of Joelle, a Frenchwoman with years of experience teaching different types of Yoga.   Classes take place in the morning & evening, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy the beach during the day.   She also teaches introductory classes for Reiki and Tui-Na.

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