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A-to-Z of Koh Chang – Q


Queen’s Cup Kayak event. A worthwhile event that died a sad and lonely death in 2008 when it was called off due to complete lack of interest.

The event was designed to raise funds for Thai elephants, the idea   was good but always seemed secondary to a back slapping session for sponsors and second tier local government officials.

The original un-tourist friendly format was teams of three people paddling for 3 days around the island, then a better one day format with teams of 2 paddling from Bangbao – Koh Mak and 2008’s event was to have featured a better format with a mix of shorter races off White Sand beach.   But no-one   could be bothered to enter, so it was called off at the last minute.

A pity, because if promoted and supported by businesses and resorts on the island properly it could have been a nice little annual tourist attraction for the island.

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