Proposal for a New Ferry Pier in Dan Mai

In mid December 2019 a meeting was held in Dan Mai, on the east of Koh Chang to discus proposals for  a new ferry pier.

At present Koh Chang is served by two ferry companies that run vehicle ferries to the island.  During high season and holiday weekends there can be delays and long queues as the ferries can’t cope with the number of vehicles coming onto the island.

The new proposal is for a new pier catering to people arriving as foot passengers.  Although, this doesn’t seem to solve the problem of too many vehicles coming onto the island.  There’s still the matter of convincing people driving to leave their cars on the mainland and come here by foot. this won’t be easy as the only means of public transport on the island are pick up truck taxis which are quite expensive to use.  So I can’t see that option being popular with visitors.

Anyway, here are some mock-ups of what a pier might look like.  

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